Dear Liga the job you did for our wedding is fantastic. We love every single picture you took and the way you captured our special day. We felt the pictures you took really reflected our personalties even without knowing us! Thank you so much!!

Eva Naranjo

On this special day, standing beside our dad, we can’t help but feel a whirlwind of emotions — joy, gratitude, and a bit of sweet nostalgia. He’s always been our first hero, the one who protected us, and our biggest cheerleader. When we look into his eyes, we see all the love and pride he has for his daughter. Today marks the start of a new chapter, but the bond we share with him is stronger than ever and will never change.

Here’s to a lifetime of memories that we’ll always hold close and love that will never fade. Thank you, Dad, for being the light in our lives, for every tender hug, every shared laugh, and for always being there. Your love and support have shaped who we are, and we are forever grateful. You will always be our guiding star, no matter where life takes us. Here’s to making even more cherished memories together!

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