Hey there, I’m Liga. 


My love for photography started when my first child was born in 1997. 

My images are about story, candid, creativity, romance and I always focusing on breathtaking and fun moments, the beauty of surroundings, details and moments that are especial to you. 

For me the best photography is candid because poses come and go, but candid amazing moments last forever. It’s when you are being yourself and absolutely forget all about the camera. Just real moments captured in the most beautiful and natural way possible.

I like to explore life. I like to travel the world. I love coffee so much. I like to listen birdsongs with my eyes closed. I like to drive my car. I love so much my family.

I’m happy to travel for destination weddings and ensuring every especial and beautiful moment is captured no matter the location.

I am a very romantic soul who looks for beauty in everything, everything that surrounds me. I truly believe the photograph is not just a picture, but it’s an emotion and a feeling. I stride to make every photo perfect, but yet so different and unique. I am an eternal optimist whole my life.

I use my technical knowledge and creativity skills playing with light, composition and your especial connection to give you what you want in photography and to create images that tell a story or an important event in photography. 

I photograph life and my task is to leave your emotions and feelings in photographs.

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